Helping kids be kids

Jumpstart Therapy, LLC is a pediatric occupational therapy practice specializing in working with children ages 12 months through 10 years of age. Our dedicated and caring therapists are experienced in treating issues related to sensory processing disorders, fine-motor/handwriting skills, visual-motor-perceptual skills, praxis/motor planning and gross-motor development.

About Us

Our mission

Our goal at Jumpstart Therapy, LLC has always been to provide the highest quality occupational therapy possible for young children.  Individualized treatment plans target areas of need while considering the whole child within their family and school environments.

We are a  group of highly experienced, pediatric occupational therapists that provide evaluations, consultations, screenings and treatment.

Meet our therapists

Kimberly Geary, MS, OTR/L

Susie Stern, OTR/L


We provide the “just right” personalized approach for each child

We are a pediatric occupational therapy practice dedicated to working with children 12 months through 10 years of age. Our highly experienced therapists provide evaluations, consultations, screenings and treatment in the areas of:

  • sensory processing disorders (over-sensitivities/under-sensitivities/sensory seeking)
  • dysrpaxia (motor planning challenges)
  • dysgraphia (handwriting delays)
  • developmental delays
  • fine-motor and gross-motor coordination disorders
  • low muscle tone and muscle weakness
  • visual-motor-perceptual skill delays
  • challenges with attention/self-regulation
  • difficulties with social skills and behavior issues related to one’s sensory-motor profile

We provide direct, individual, 1:1 therapy as well as occasional school and home consultation visits. Intensive sessions are available when schedules permit and small group therapy opportunities are periodically offered throughout the year.

We believe there is no one single approach that works with all children. We utilize a variety of treatment approaches founded on best practices and evidence-based research that is “just right” for your child. Therapy is child-centered and play-based as it should be- helping kids just be kids!

Jumpstart Therapy, LLC is also happy to provide in-services and training for your staff, school or facility. Just give us a call or email to determine what would best serve your needs.


Clinic Address:

208 Main Street , Suite 200

Gaithersburg, MD 20878

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Therapist Contact List

Kimberly Geary, MS, OTR/L  301-379-7770

Susie Stern, OTR/L  301-500-8648